Tearing Vellum Grain

Tearing Vellum Grain

Part 1

In part 1 of this tutorial I will show you how to simulate a tearing jelly like mass using vellum grain. I'll show you what constraints you need and what gotcha to watch out for.

Part 2

Custom Stitch Setup

in this video we will be using VEX to build our own custom stitch constraints to glue the grains together. In the process I will setup another simulation using different setting to get a different look to the simulation than the first one.

Part 3


In part 3 we will look at how to mesh the simulations we have using the constraint network.

Tutorial: Vellum Grass – Basic Plasticity

Vellum Grass

Basic Plasticity

In this tutorial I create a grass patch in sops and simulate it with vellum as hair strands. I then go through using plasticity to make the grass stay in place when bent by collision objects. As a bonus I also turn the collision object into a dynamic vellum object at the end.